Plan your trip with the Visit Norway map tools where you find thousands of travel listings and suggestions. Enjoy!. of the travel guide contains useful information such as a calendar of cultural events and festivals, a distances chart and a general map of Northern Norway. Norway p Bergen & the Southwestern. Fjords p The Western. Fjords p . Central. Norway Welcome to Norway 4 . Map Legend

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    Download Free Norway Maps in high resolution formats for the web, projects and reports. on the link. Norway (Political) (K) and pdf format (K). An updated version of the Fjord Norway Travel Guide is published each year in a can be downloaded as PDF documents directly from. Fjord Norway Travel Guide is a comprehensive catalogue with accommodation, activities, attractions and tour suggestions in Fjord Norway. The travel guide is.

    List of Airports in Norway About 10, years ago, during the last Ice Age, Norway was covered by a 4 kilometer thick layer of ice. When that ice finally retreated or melted its movement across the land formed many islands, and innumerable lakes and streams. It also etched out deep valleys that then filled with seawater forming Norway's fjords. Subsequently, the exposed lands turned green and fertile, wildlife returned in large numbers, and early man arrived to hunt for food. Archaeological finds and ruins spread across Norway indicate that it was continually settled through the Neolithic Stone Age and Bronze Age. Across Norway in the late 's AD, a few scattered, independent communities or kingdoms had formed. The country's first ruler, King Harold Fairhair, united much of this rugged land and its people. Over time these rugged, sea-going adventurers known as Vikings began to raid and colonize many areas of Europe, with their main focus the nearby British Isles. Leif Eriksson, born in Iceland , is widely considered the first European to explore the coast of North America , coming ashore in Canada at the dawn of the 11th century. In time, he converted his people to Christianity, and is now revered as Saint Olav, the patron saint of Norway. He returned to Norway, captured it and placed his son in charge.

    The churches' earnings from their land also dropped so much that the Hanseatic traders dominated the city's foreign trade in the 15th century. After the last fire in , which lasted for three days, Christian IV of Denmark decided that the old city should not be rebuilt again. His men built a network of roads in Akershagen near Akershus Castle. He demanded that all citizens should move their shops and workplaces to the newly built city Christiania, named as an honor to the king.

    The transformation of the city went slowly for the first hundred years. The strong economy transformed Christiania into a trading port.

    Several state institutions were established and the city's role as a capital initiated a period of rapidly increasing population. The government of this new state needed buildings for its expanding administration and institutions.

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    Here, you can buy wonderful snowmen figurines, miniature Christmas trees, and colorful balls, as well as magnificent handmade garlands. Lovely children's toys are always on offer here. Galleriet is … Open Hotels with history of Bergen Connoisseurs of aristocratic luxury like Grand Terminus hotel situated very close to the Torgalmenningen.

    A presentable historical building has managed to keep pristine high ceilings, huge windows and elements of noble woods. In accordance with traditions of the past centuries, all rooms feature elegant furnishings and wallpapers of charming golden hue.

    Massive chandeliers with numerous crystal pendants illuminate … Open Advices for travellers 8.

    Dear Visitor, With our maps in your pocket before you arrive at The Stavanger Region, you can explore with total confidence. Download, save or print, study and utilize! Stavanger Cartographer Kevin Paul Scarrott.

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    Featured maps The Broken Column map. Lysefjord Map with detailed Trip explanation. Five essential maps Download Now. About the Maps.

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